Private Sessions


60-minute Reiki Session $60

Reiki is a spiritually-guided energy healing technique. Deb places her hands on various parts of a
client’s body(fully clothed), corresponding to each of the seven chakras. The energy flows to
wherever healing is needed, on all aspects of the mind/body/spirit levels.

60-minute Spiritual Healing Reading $75

Deb connects with the Spirit World and channels useful information and guidance for the client.
These messages assist clients in facilitating their mind/body/spirit healing journeys and are in
alignment with the soul purpose of their lives. All readings are positive and compassionate.

90-minute Reiki/Spiritual Healing Reading $95

This session combines approximately 60 minutes of Reiki, with 30 minutes of a Spiritual Healing

60-minute Couples Reiki Session $109

Deb and her husband Gary provide Reiki to each person separately and send Reiki to the
couple relationship.

Reiki Sessions and Spiritual Healing Readings are also available
remotely, at the same price.

Packages are available for all services, at the rate of 10% discount for 3
sessions, and 15% discount for 5 sessions.

Deb practices at Peaceful Way Massage & Reiki in Asheville, NC.

Reiki Sessions

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